COMPASSION changes everything.

Our Mission

The Jonah Project aims to end sex slavery in Spokane, Washington and the surrounding community by creating an avenue for victims of trafficking to reach out for help and receive compassionate, transparent aftercare.

One survivor at a time, we will rescue, provide safe housing, and access to resources so that these survivors of trauma can experience real freedom.

Staggering Statistics


of underage sex trafficked victims say they had been advertised or sold online.


The amount a pimp can make off each child they enslave per year. A pimp typically exploits 4-6 children.


The average number of times each child is sold for sex EACH DAY

2 Girls, 1 Boy

Of every three child sex trafficking victims, two are girls and one is a boy.

30 seconds

A child in the world is sold into slavery every thirty seconds.

1 in 3

Teens will be solicited or lured into slavery within 48 hours of being homeless.

1 in 5

Runaways were reportedly sex-trafficked. 74% had been in Foster Care.


The average age of child taken into sexual slavery.

7 Years

Average life span of a victim is reported to be 7 years (death by STD’s, malnutrition, overdose, suicide, HIV, abuse, or attack are common).

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