"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

Martin Luther King, Jr. Minister, Civil Rights Activist


Our Relo Team is led by a former executive protection specialist, as well as mental health professionals and educators with experience in serving victims of abuse-related trauma.

Our goal is to quickly obtain pertinent information that can be used for the rescue, extract the victim from the hostile situation with no harm being done to themselves or others, and get the victim to immediate health services. Sometimes an emergency medical visit to address physical traumas is necessary; other times all is needed is a hot meal, a warm bed, and maybe their first good night’s sleep in a long time.

Safety & Freedom

Often times, for the physical and mental welfare of a rescued victim – which we call a “survivor” – we must relocate them geographically to another facility or home for long-term care and healing. This is because the threat of violence constantly against them is very real, as well as the acute mental anxiety that follows them around like a cloud. Days can be spent in constant worry they may run into someone that they knew before they were rescued, or even worse, the very traffickers that hurt them.

Relocation and our “Underground Railroad”

This is no minor threat – many times the survivors’ very lives are at stake. We must keep them free from harm and free from  the pull to return under duress to a bad situation. In many cases, it is simply not safe for them to remain in the community they were being trafficked in for long-term aftercare. In these cases, our goal is to find a like-minded organization with compassion and resources, that will keep them safe from harm, allow them time and space to heal, as well as provide the spiritual guidance necessary to restore their lives.

We call this group of organizations that we partner with, our “UNDERGROUND RAILROAD” and we continue to build this with the hope of achieving freedom for many more survivors.

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