How Can I Help?

  • Donate Money: Click here to donate through PayPal.
  • Donate Time: Spend an hour a week to mentor or tutor kids.
  • Join one of our Volunteer Teams: Rescue/Relocation or Advocacy
  • Donate Resources: Medical supplies, job opportunities, housing, clothing, toiletries, housewares, gift cards, building materials, and more.
  • Spread the word: Invite us to share with your group or business, or follow us and share our stories on Facebook.
  • Research the topic: Join our push for civic reform!

Don’t wait. Every little bit counts.

Imagine spending every single day of your delicate young life, being raped and drugged. Imagine living in a constant state of fight or flight and knowing that there was no hope to get away. We provide that hope.

Even the smallest things like personal hygiene products and warm food can go a long way to helping these young women recover. We deeply appreciate the support of our volunteers and community – with you, we’re able to continue our mission.

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